Becktails for the Holiday!



We’ll admit it…here at Beck to the Future we have been pretty hard on the Fox News anchor. It can get pretty taxing on the criticized…and the critic. The holidays are upon us and we should all try to live in harmony (but don’t call it social justice because Glenn will write about you on his chalkboard!)

So let us unwind during this fun and festive season with a few Beck to the Future inspired cocktails. Yes, we know Glenn does not drink as a Mormon and recovering alcoholic but there’s nothing stopping his rebel rousing Tea Partiers from snapping open a tall frosty one on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial – its what Abe would have wanted!

First, let us start with a cocktail that pays tribute to the true heroes….No, not the Chilean miners, although that would inspire a great Pisco cocktail. I’m thinking of the founding fathers! Whether you are a progressive, communist, Nazi, insert Beck enemy here, conservative, or tea partier you have most likely used the founders to justify whatever policy you are currently slinging.  So let us start the night with a tribute to the guys who started this mess we call the United States.


2 oz Appleton Estate Rum
1 oz Aged Applejack
1 oz lemon juice
1 oz simple syrup
1 oz soda
4 peach halves muddled*

Combine the simple syrup, lemon juice, and peach halves at the bottom of a mixing glass and muddle. Combine the remaining ingredients and shake vigorously with ice. Double strain into a chilled rocks glass filled with cracked ice. Garnish with a lemon and peach wedge.
Note: The peaches can be substituted for other seasonal fruits. Try berries in the winter or even apricots. The peach version is best in the summer before 4th of July! Adjust the recipe based on the sweetness of the fruit.

This is a lovely drink made in the punch style of old. The plus of this recipe is that you can make an individual portion any time! The dark rum and the aged apple brandy marry well together into the traditional sour format while the fruit makes this insanely refreshing.

Next, we are going to need a cocktail that reflects Beck’s bold and often maddening style. The only person I know that gets Glenn really going is Barack Obama. He is Glenn’s muse, without him he could not write his opuses of conspiracy upon his chalkboard. When Obama came into office Beck became a household name so, it is only fitting that we have a cocktail for Glenn and his muse.

Head of State

1.5 oz Gold Virgin Islands Rum
3/4 oz Dry Vermouth
1/4 oz Blue Curacao
1/2 tsp passion fruit syrup
1 dash old fashioned bitters

Combine the ingredients in the bottom of a mixing glass and stir with cracked ice for thirty seconds. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass or ice filled rocks glass and garnish with a large orange twist.
Note: This is my variation on the cuban classic, the El Presidente cocktail. (Beck does think Obama is a Communist! ) Please use a good quality curacao in this cocktail such as Marie Brizard or Senor Curacao. If you want to really amp up this cocktail you could bacon infuse the rum making an Obamination cocktail. You can learn how to fat wash or bacon infuse a spirit here. Also, the picture shows Appleton Estate, a Jamaican rum. This will work but I found the best balance with an aged Virgin Islands rum.

I love this cocktail and it remains one of my favorite twists I have ever created. This is perfect if you want a tiki or tropical drink and are stuck without fresh juice. Maybe, if we had a couple of these we could all agree that Obama is not a nazi, communist, socialist, antichrist – One can dream!

The final cocktail of the night will be inspired by the man himself. We need something wild, something crazy: a drink that can make you cry and scream within the same breath of a sentence… just like Glenn’s most famous rants. It must have all American ingredients and pack a punch.  I want the liquid form of this:

Get Off My Phone!!!

3/4 Rittenhouse 100 proof rye whiskey
3/4 oz Bonded Applejack 1oo proof
3/4 oz tea-infused Punt e Mes
1/4 oz Cherry Herring
1 dash Mole bitters

Combine the ingredients in the bottom of a mixing glass and stir with cracked ice for thirty seconds. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass.
Note: The tea infused Punt e Mes can be achieved by steeping a tea bag briefly in the vermouth or an entire bottle can be infused using this method. (Sub Punt e Mes for the gin in that article). A Black tea works well but my favorite would be an Indian Darjeeling tea. Whatever tea you sip make sure you use the spent tea bag in a rally somewhere.

I have recently feel in love with these various spirits – Beck better appreciate the quality of liquors he is getting for his cocktail. Hopefully, we can all appreciate this holiday season and put down politics for awhile and instead raise a glass.

Cheers and Happy Holidays! (or as the Fox crew would state “I SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS!”)


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Critiquing Critics

Hello All! Sorry for the delay in posts. I’ve been working on sound design for a production of the Maids. More posts will follow shortly. Here is an article I wrote back in November 2009 to tide you over. I think is very appropriate for this blog and I hope you enjoy!



I was walking around Barnes and Noble today when I ran across a book by talk show host Glenn Beck called Arguing with Idiots. I took one look at the title and thought that it referred perfectly to the modern media echo chamber that we live in.

When I was informed that the book was about how to argue with “idiot” liberals, I thought it even more ironic. The only people talking in this so-called debate are the talking heads.

We are suppose to be living in a post-modern age where anyone with an Internet connection can spout his or her unique opinion so, why do we resort to investing our opinions in these critics?

We don’t have to listen to the Glenn Becks, Keith Olbermanns, or even Larry Kings anymore yet, we continue to.


Cultural content is growing at an exponential rate. The overflow of information has decreased the influence of specified individual media while increasing the power of critics.

The media as a whole is in a revolutionary period of consolidation and personalization. Structures of power are being reformed, redefined, and in some ways reinforced due to this new wave of cultural content.

The emergence of a digital culture has created the opportunity for everything and anything to be digitized into coded information. The Information age requires a system of filtration and categorization where people are paid to tell you what to consume.


Critics have become necessary to fish through these large pools of data. No individual has time to go through the thousands of blogs, hundreds of cable channels, and countless newspapers to find the cultural content they are looking for.

Like the town criers before them, pundits and the news media as a whole tells us what to consume as media users.

“Dealing with the information overflow results in feeling overwhelmed and having no sense of time. In fact, there truly is no time, except for our collective construction of a relationship to the ever-present change,” states media critic and professor Victoria Vesna.

Glenn Beck can tell a conservative user about the latest music video that enrages cultural conservatives and the newest chapter in the gay marriage controversy.

Websites and even television shows are telling you what your daily dose of media should be, whether it’s a political blog like Politico and The Huffington Post or an entertainment site like Funny or and College Humor.

Individuals are so overwhelmed with a choice in what to consume that we are handing over that choice to critics. We are creating media that tells us what media to take in.


We as consumers do not want to wade through the endless stream of content. In our “fast track” environment with the “get it done today” attitude of modernization, consumers do not have the patience to compare five newspapers or watch all three nightly news broadcasts.


Journalism elitists will point that this is the folly of the next generation of news audiences. The apathy of the modern public towards news has led many older journalists to say that people or corporate bodies care less about the important issues today.

This claim fails to recognize the overwhelming nature of our current media market. Information abundance can leave people jaded and in many ways not willing to have the patience to read/watch one piece of media fully.

The more content that is available, the less one is likely to examine individual content thoroughly.

Herbert Simon wrote, “What information consumes is…the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention, and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it,” in Computers, Communications and the Public Interest.


While convenience and a sense of hopelessness have turned some people to taking these sources and critics absolutely, people also want some objectivity because as a whole humanity is just starting to react to post modernism.

We are in a period of time where we interact and react to the ideas of post modernism in our every day lives. The exponential increase in cultural content has presented us with a real post modern setting.

The idea of an endless multiplicity of perspectives was an abstract thought thirty years ago, but if one needs to see that idea in action all one has to do is open a web browser and browse the limitless halls of blogs, social networks, and youtube channels that are available.


It is a daunting task but it presents itself everyday when we type that “www” into the browser. We are literally trying to navigate the global mind. It is an intimidating environment especially to those who are just looking up the number for a local pizza place.

Among many groups it can reach the point that people will swear allegiance to critics or particular websites so that they can rise above the Internet’s endless ether.


This submission of choice is voluntary but it puts the public in an increasingly compromising position. People are looking to the media to tell them what to consume.

Media corporations and its interests whether business or political have the opportunity to grasp the cultural mindset of millions.


The business world already controls the majority of media; the next logical step is controlling the media that tell us what media to consume, some of which they already control.

The framers who filter information into a particular ideology have the power. Cultural forms are therefore not what shape our identity but the voices of filtration around us.


People invest a lot of faith into critics. Most people would probably trust Roger Ebert’s opinion on a movie.

If one looks at the political and news critics, you will get that same blind trust. Libertarian radio host Alex Jones has a cult of personality around him that hangs on his every word.

Rush Limbaugh’s influence is so strong he was able to speak at CPAC on national television. We have put a lot of trust into personalities that are controlled by higher powers.

People who subscribe to certain critics/websites surrender their own choice so that those entities can make it more convenient for that individual to consume other forms of media but in doing so we are leaving ourselves open for manipulation and deception.


Do you really think people like this, should be telling us what to think?

Apocalypse WOW!


Beck to the Future Podcast
Episode 2

This weeks episode we recap the One Nation Rally, Beck’s latest venture into Apocalypse prevention gear, and the firefighter scandal. Buckle up this is one bumpy ride!

Episode 2


Beck…REMIX! ft. Donald Duck

This is why living in the post modern, digital age is worth it….You can re-imagine and reedit anything. We as media users have the ability to reinterpret media in ways that no other generation has had. Whether it is the work of musician Girl Talk or the crazy blender editing of community groups like Paper Tiger, the process of digital editing allows us to directly respond to media outlets and this new version of a classic Donald Duck cartoon is the perfect response to Glenn Beck.

Jonathan and Justin McIntosh (an alias if I were a betting man) took a great depression era episode of Donald and put him right smack into the middle of our great recession. The mash-up as its creator likes to call it points out Beck’s talent for fear mongering especially in an uncertain time where Americans are desperately looking for answers. Once the Donald character talks directly with Beck as represented through a towering radio with a shaking hand, he is scolded and reprimanded by the demagogue stating “Get a job!” and “Cry Me a River!” The cartoon exemplifies the duality that lies within many of Beck’s broadcasts. He both rallies the anger and frustration that many Americans feel but also scolds those same citizens who are feeling the recessions wrath.

This was Glenn’s response. Notice how he doesn’t talk about the cartoon itself but rather demonizes the causes he is associated with. Emphasizing words like community media or social justice. Glenn has periodically driven negative connotations to words like that. His audience doesn’t even need him to make the connection that social justice=communism or community media=propaganda. As a side note, I find it completely insane that Beck tries to demonize the word “social justice.” If the Jesuits hold a word as one of their central tenants I think you will have a hard time painting it as part of the godless agenda of the red menace. Also worthy of note is Glenn’s butchering of Gandhi and the fact that he had to put sitar music underneath his explanation is as funny as it is disturbing.

If Glenn really had any arguments against this cartoon he would have showed points in the editing and where what he said was taken out of context, how the cartoon was mashed together, etc. However, he believes in his own mantle of authority – if Beck says its false well then its false – and that belief is his own downfall. He also claims to know that Walt Disney was conservative because he was anti-communist…WRONG! Here is a quote from Walt himself during the HUAC hearings of October 24, 1947:

I feel that they really ought to be smoked out and shown up for what they are, so that all of the good, free causes in this country, all the liberalisms that really are American, can go out without the taint of communism. That is my
sincere feeling on it.
” – Walt Disney

The full transcript of those hearings can be found here: Here

In the vain of much Internet humor, the response was then remixed into another Disney. cartoon with Disney’s greatest star, Mickey Mouse! The terror in Mickey’s face when he says “federal funding” is priceless. Hopefully, this will spawn a series of Becktoons or maybe they should revive Silly Symphonies but w/ footage of tea party rallies. Who knows? That is the beauty of our digital age.