Beck…REMIX! ft. Donald Duck

This is why living in the post modern, digital age is worth it….You can re-imagine and reedit anything. We as media users have the ability to reinterpret media in ways that no other generation has had. Whether it is the work of musician Girl Talk or the crazy blender editing of community groups like Paper Tiger, the process of digital editing allows us to directly respond to media outlets and this new version of a classic Donald Duck cartoon is the perfect response to Glenn Beck.

Jonathan and Justin McIntosh (an alias if I were a betting man) took a great depression era episode of Donald and put him right smack into the middle of our great recession. The mash-up as its creator likes to call it points out Beck’s talent for fear mongering especially in an uncertain time where Americans are desperately looking for answers. Once the Donald character talks directly with Beck as represented through a towering radio with a shaking hand, he is scolded and reprimanded by the demagogue stating “Get a job!” and “Cry Me a River!” The cartoon exemplifies the duality that lies within many of Beck’s broadcasts. He both rallies the anger and frustration that many Americans feel but also scolds those same citizens who are feeling the recessions wrath.

This was Glenn’s response. Notice how he doesn’t talk about the cartoon itself but rather demonizes the causes he is associated with. Emphasizing words like community media or social justice. Glenn has periodically driven negative connotations to words like that. His audience doesn’t even need him to make the connection that social justice=communism or community media=propaganda. As a side note, I find it completely insane that Beck tries to demonize the word “social justice.” If the Jesuits hold a word as one of their central tenants I think you will have a hard time painting it as part of the godless agenda of the red menace. Also worthy of note is Glenn’s butchering of Gandhi and the fact that he had to put sitar music underneath his explanation is as funny as it is disturbing.

If Glenn really had any arguments against this cartoon he would have showed points in the editing and where what he said was taken out of context, how the cartoon was mashed together, etc. However, he believes in his own mantle of authority – if Beck says its false well then its false – and that belief is his own downfall. He also claims to know that Walt Disney was conservative because he was anti-communist…WRONG! Here is a quote from Walt himself during the HUAC hearings of October 24, 1947:

I feel that they really ought to be smoked out and shown up for what they are, so that all of the good, free causes in this country, all the liberalisms that really are American, can go out without the taint of communism. That is my
sincere feeling on it.
” – Walt Disney

The full transcript of those hearings can be found here: Here

In the vain of much Internet humor, the response was then remixed into another Disney. cartoon with Disney’s greatest star, Mickey Mouse! The terror in Mickey’s face when he says “federal funding” is priceless. Hopefully, this will spawn a series of Becktoons or maybe they should revive Silly Symphonies but w/ footage of tea party rallies. Who knows? That is the beauty of our digital age.