Tea Party

Beck is Broke?

Beck to the Future Podcast
Episode 5

On the fifth installment of Beck to the Future we discuss the Tea Party’s new love of pork. Did their rise to power ultimately corrupt the crusaders against spending? How does Beck mimic L. Ron Hubbard and why does Bill Marr want you to know about it? Lastly, we take a look at Beck’s writing and film projects. Is Beck Broke or is he laughing all the way to the bank? All this and more on Beck to the Future!

Episode 5


Marr on Beck and Hubbard

New Left Media’s coverage of the Restoring Honor Rally

Hubbard documentary

Glenn declares America turns back to God

Beck’s Memories of the “Gore Administration”

Broke Movie Trailer


Beck Again-ddon?

Beck to the Future Podcast
Episode 4

On today’s episode we wrap the election and discuss the Tea Party’s future. We then reveal Beck’s “Perfect Storm” as he takes on the organization known as Wikileaks. How will Beck react when this neo-news organization takes on Wall Street? Its a veritable Armageddon according to him. Lastly, Glenn has announced a new 9/12 project website and we contemplate “The Plan.” All this and more on Beck to the Future!

Episode 4


Beck vs. Wikileaks

Beck’s 9/12 Project

We Surround Them!

The Inconvenient Truth of the Inconvenient Debt

Beck to the Future Podcast
Episode 1

In our first episode we explore what makes conservatives and the tea party tick…DEBT! We discuss the rivalry between Beck and Ron Paul, where the percentages of our tax payer dollars goes, and Glenn’s viral video, “An Inconvenient Debt.”

Episode 1: Part 1

Episode 1: Part 2